Monday 1 June 2015

PFA Awards 2015

The PFA awards of 2015 have where announced a couple of weeks ago and as many of you may know the team above was the official team chosen by the PFA. What seems to be rather odd about the awards is that Nominees and shortlists are created long before the season is even up. Is it really fair to make a team of the season before the season is over? 
In a season where City fans can admit it wasn't the best of seasons it's still hard to believe that there are no City players in the team of the season. This is especially apparent when you think that it was two City players that won the two objective awards rather than opinion (Aguero  with the golden boot and Hart with the golden glove). There will be a lot of people that argue that Aguero didn't have as big of an impact as Costa/Kane. But the fact of the matter is he scored the most goals; if the job of a striker is to score goals then Aguero has been the best as he scored the most. Then comes the argument about the assists players get. But Aguero got the most of them as well(out of Costa/ Kane).
The same principle goes for Joe Hart he got the most clean sheets so he should be in the PFA team of the year. An argument for this could be "well the defense in front of Hart is better so he doesn't have to save as much". The first thing any City fan would do to that is laugh because our defense this season has been far from world class. Second of all I could say " If our defence is so great then why do we have no defenders in the team of the season".
The final player I have to touch on in this team is Coutinho. Now he has had a good season but good enough to be in the team of the season.  Rather than ranting on again about how Coutinho shouldn't be in the team, I'm just going to let THIS website tell you....

My Team of the season HERE 
With the bench consisting of players I though could have gone in but either weren't good enough or just someone was better 

Sunday 15 March 2015

Down and out.

The end of the season looms and after a poor 1-0 defeat to Burnley at the weekend the chance of silverware for city is becoming more and more bleak. With Chelsea 6 points ahead and a game in hand our premier league hopes are surely finished. Then we move onto the champions league. With Barcelona in  inspired form with Messi breaking yet another record and Suarez looking to come into his own at the club; is it realistic to score 2 or more goals at the Camp Nou?
Once again we must point a finger at who is to blame. Many Sunday papers are spelling the end for Manuel. Personally I don't think he will be sacked until the closing games of the season. This would be the best time to appoint a new manager as they will not only have preseason to put their philosophies to the team. But also a chance to manage the team in a competitive environment without risk of loosing out on something like the title.
If a miracle doesn't happen and we win silverware then that also could tempt stars away from the club. Though many of our big first team players have signed contract extensions this season what does that actually mean? As Luis Suarez showed last year signing a new and improved deal in January could still mean nothing in the summer. With Karim Benzema being linked with a move away from Madrid they will need a new striker in the summer; a world class one at that. This could leave Sergio a prime target for Real and also leave us in great danger.
As of next season something will have to change if we are to get any further in the champions league or even win the domestic league for a 3rd time we must improve. That is the one thing we have failed to do compared to other teams. The manager also needs to be less stubborn and narrow minded. If we constantly use the same formation and same ideology then eventually we will get found out, that in my opinion has been the problem this year.  

Thursday 5 March 2015

Pellegrini Out?

The Manchester City season thus far has been disappointing to say the least. Without a trophy and a slim chance of even getting one this season is a very bad position to be in for a club of our size. Due to this disappointing season fingers have to be pointed: is it the manager, the backroom staff or even the players themselves?
Personally I think that as a team, during every preseason, you must build on last season and look to change for the better to make for more trophies. However we have lacked any consistency and no improvements have been made since last year. As a team of our size we should be pushing for the champions league we have won the premier league now its time to step up. That's just not the case!
Whenever we come up against the big European clubs we just can't seem to do it.
Now if we are to see any change I really think we need a change of manager. But would it be right to sack Pellegrini? After all he did win us the title. But is that enough any more when we only make it past the group stage in the champions league? If we begin to look at what Pellegrini has done previously in the first place was he ever the right man to get us far in the trophy we want most? He has managed great teams, even Real Madrid but still couldn't even make it past the round of 16 being eliminated by Olympic Lyon.
It's one thing to point a finger at Pellegrini and say "it's you're fault" but then we need to take into account who is the person that can take us far in the Champions league. For me it's simple and it's all about the experience they have in the competition. You need a manager that know the winning formula to beat the teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munchen. The man that fits this bill perfectly, in my opinion, is Diego Simeone. He single handed turned Athletico Madrid into a title winning team with Barcelona and Real Madrid to contest with. Not an easy feat. Not to mention getting to the champions league final. Simeone is the full package he has: the ability to make good transfers;knowledge and experience against two of our European rivals and the drive and passion to win.       

Wednesday 20 August 2014

The Future Of City
Manchester City have arguably one of the best squads in the league, however  these star players wont be here forever. The club need to consider some younger alternatives to players we already have to fill the gap when a player leaves the club or retires. When players like Yaya Toure (31) decide to part ways with City or hang up the boots there will be a massive hole to fill. 

Yaya Toure-Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba (21) is a fantastic young prospect that would be perfect in replacing Yaya Toure at the club. The French defensive mid plays for Italian side Juventus. Pogba is also rather experienced for a 21 year old having won the Serie A twice for the two seasons he has been at the club. He also won the under 20s Fifa World Cup in 2013 receiving the golden ball for his performance in that tournament. Click HERE  for some of the things you would be likely to see from Pogba. Clip 4(vs Napoli) just also shows his ability on both feet rather than just one.   But clip 3 had to be my personal favorite just to flick the ball up and volley first time takes confidence and skill. Bare in mind these goals are from a CDM which in some ways makes these goals seem more spectacular from a defensive player. On the other hands being so far up the pitch leaves a hole on the pitch where Pogba should be. However Manuel Pellegrini could easily solve this by simply playing him as a CM or even CAM. Pogba's overall ability opens a world of possibilities being good at attack and defense. He's Almost a Rudd Gullit style of player in he can play any where on the field.
Could he be the next Gullit??    

David Silva-Isco

David Silva(28) maybe a while longer off packing in than Yaya however he is still one of the older first team players. As we know David is a fantastic dribbler and exceptional passer and Isco(22) possesses the exact same style of play. Isco is a more of a goal scorer than David but whether he's setting them up or popping them in himself he still contributes to the team. The young Spaniard is currently a Real Madrid player however with the new comers of Toni Kroos and world cup star, James Rodriguez he is likely to loose his place in the team. It has been rumored in the past that Real have been willing to let the youngster go. Liverpool at one stage where rumored to be receiving the play maker on loan but nothing became of this. Like Pogba the youngster has rather a lot of Champions League(and other European Competitions)  experience and Isco in fact won the cup with Madrid last year Vs local rivals Athletico Madrid. Isco has been said to be "the most promising young player in Spanish football" and has been compared to Sergio Aguero. Even Zinedine Zidane!!!

Gael Clichy/Alexander Kolarov- David Alaba

Gael Clichy(29) and Alexander Kolarov(28) both share the left back spot for City but both players are two of the oldest in the squad and some time in the near future will need replacing. David Alaba(22) is possibly the only very young and proven left back in the world. He has played 111 games at the German side Bayern Munich having also played there his whole career. He is a very attack minded left back having got 13 goals and 15 assists in those 111 games. The young Austrian isn't shy of winning trophies either having won: 3 Bundesliga titles, the champions league, the super cup and finally he made his way into UEFA  team of the year 2013. David has been named by one journalist as "Discovery of the century".

By- Tom Preston 
Twitter- @Kootom28

Monday 18 August 2014

And They're off!

The Barclay's Premier League is back! And with every team strengthening their squad ,throughout the summer, it is sure to be a fantastic spectacle. However Manchester City are yet to make a marquee signing. With teams like: Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool all making superstar signings City are forced to keep to set guide lines due to financial fair play. Despite this the blues boss Manuel Pellegrini has done a terrific job in bringing players that will improve the squad. The champions weakest aspect last season was arguably their defense, acknowledging this Manuel brought in a new ; goalkeeper (Caballero), defender (Mangala) and holding midfielder (Fernando). Personally for me Mangala is the most exciting prospect being only 23 years old and having had experience at a top club like Porto already, I believe he will be a great addition to our title defending side.

  The Rivals

Chelsea- Most think Chelsea are favorites for the title and rightly so. Jose Mourinho has gone on a spending spree bring in fantastic talent like: Filipe Luiz, Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas. However though the Chelsea side may look the best on paper will it necessarily perform? Many players need time to gel but others just fit right in. Teams also need time on the pitch together players like those listed above may have had preseason and training sessions to become acquainted with their new team mates but  neither of these are anything like playing a premier league game.

Arsenal- By far Arsenal last season spent most time at the top of the Premier League (128 days) but still didn't manage to walk away with the title. Personally I think the gunners losing the title had nothing to do with quality just their ability to follow through and will to win. Just looking at the way Arsenal's past seasons have gone they always tend to only perform on half the season. This lack of consistency in results is what surely cost them the title. Another point is that they just couldn't perform in the big matches. But with the introduction of key players like Alexis Sanchez could it be the reds season.

Liverpool- Going to the other title contenders in red Liverpool. Coming agonizingly close to the title last season the reds will only be more hungry for the title this year. Many are ruling them out of even top 4 football which I think is a massive mistake. I don't think they will be a better side than last year but any worse we will have to see. I say this with all respect to the club but when a team loose arguably their best player in Luis Suarez it is sure that they won't be as good again the next season. I think it would be the same any where like if City lost Aguero or Yaya. The Mersyside club still have exceptional talent to name a few: Daniel Sturridge, Raheem Sterling and Jordan Henderson which is why I think it is harsh to rule them out of a top 4 finish.

My Predictions

Finally I am going to give my opinion on who will receive some of the worlds honors in this year of football...

Barclays Premier League

Top 4 (in order)
1. Chelsea
2.Manchester City
3.Liverpool(within 6 points of 2nd)

Golden Boot

If Sergio Aguero has little to no injuries it will be him otherwise Diego Costa or Daniel Sturridge

FA cup Manchester City

League Cup  Everton


Ligue 1- PSG
La Liga BBVA- Real Madrid
Serie A- Juventus
Bundesliga- Bayern Munich

Blog by- Tom Preston
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